Rumor: WB Is 'Soured' On Ben Affleck As Batman; Jake Gyllenhaal Could Replace Him

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Though a lot of fans love Ben Affleck as Batman, the negative reception of the entire DCEU has probably taken a toll on the actor, and there have been clashing reports of him wanting to keep/leave the Batman role.

According to a source from RevengeoftheFans, Warner Bros is apparently tired of Affleck not being decided, and they already have a replacement in mind. They write:


"Gyllenhaal is probably Batman. Affleck is not out of it yet. That's the thing, he still has a contract. But the studio is sour on him. If Ben rolls, Jake is in. Kind of a weird web. These guys both know they control each other's destiny."

The Batman director Matt Reeves has said that Gyllenhaal would be his top choice to replace Affleck, but Jon Hamm has brought himself up for consideration.

If Gyllenhaal were to take the role, I would prefer it if he were not Bruce Wayne, but rather a protégé like Terry McGinnis. There's also a possibility that he could play a much younger version of Affleck's Batman.

When it comes to replacing Affleck, I think Hamm would be much more suited for the role. We know he can play a rich and powerful playboy, and his age is already pretty close to that of Affleck's.


As a fan of Batfleck, I'm not sure on which side to take. I'd love for Affleck to stay as Batman, but if he's tired of the role, I'd prefer that they just replace him. I don't want another Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow situation. Maybe Affleck should just be patient and wait for a good DCEU movie.

We're all waiting.

No release date has been announced for The Batman.

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