Rumor: Visceral’s Star Wars Game Will Focus On A Rogue Survivor From Alderaan

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Besides Star Wars Battlefront, there is said to be another Star Wars game that is being developed by Visceral codnamed "Project Ragtag." Making Star Wars is said to have an inside source that has given them more info on the game, and is said to focus on a main character named "Dodger."

Dodger is apparently blacklisted by the Empire for "dodging" the draft into Imperial service. His story is said to be closely tied to the main narrative of Star Wars and the game's timeline will take place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.


When he decided to run he became wanted by the Empire and basically went into hiding in the seedy underbelly of the galaxy. He learned to be charming and how to talk fast. However, his life got a lot worse after the destruction of his home world of Alderaan and he found himself on a wanted "survivors list" held by the Empire (a story idea which popped up in Marvel's Leia comic series).

When the Rebels blew up the Death Star, the Empire focused its retribution towards the outer rim where the "terrorists" that blew up the battle station originated from. This is bad for Dodger but also gives him opportunities to make money. The Empire's new involvement with the outer rim shakes up the criminal underworld in interesting and threatening ways to Dodger and his compatriots. Friends begin to turn on one another and criminals become heroes willing to aid the rebels for the first time.

In the game, Dodger is said to wield a "lightwhip" and a blaster, each weapon having a variant adjustment that is sure to add fun to the gameplay. In Star Wars Legends, the lightwhip is a variation of the lightsaber, and it basically emits a whip made of energy instead of a straight blade. The weapon hasn't shown up anywhere else in canon yet, so this game would mark the weapon's canon introduction.

Granted, there should be some changes when it comes to development, so we still don't know how much of this story will make it to the final game.

We still don't have an official release date (or title) for this project, but we are sure that Star Wars Battlefront II comes out in Nov. 17.

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