Rumor: Square Enix's Avengers Project Will Be Called Avengers: Ultimate Alliance

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There is a lot of mystery surrounding Square Enix's mysterious Avengers Project, but many are hoping that we will finally get details in this year's E3. To the surprise of no one, there have been a number of alleged leaks about the game, some of which sound promising. This most recent one should still be taken with a grain of salt but it does reveal an interesting future for the game.

If this post from 4Chan is to be believed, the Avengers Project will supposedly be a reboot of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games and it will reportedly be called Avengers: Ultimate Alliance. It is an interesting play on words since there were two separate titles called Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Avengers: Alliance, both of which lasted for two games.

Keep in mind that the source is from 4Chan, so we shouldn't get our hopes up unless the game does pop up during E3.


According to the report, this game will focus primarily on Captain America, Iron Man, and the Scarlet Witch. The user also claims that it will be set in the same world as the Spider-Man PS4 game from Insomniac Games, already raising a few eyebrows on legitimacy but let's roll with it.

While hard to believe, keep in mind that Activision did re-release the two Ultimate Alliance games on current-gen consoles recently. Expecting a reboot of this beloved series isn't too far-fetched.

No release date for Square Enix's Avengers Project has been released. Will it really be called Avengers: Ultimate Alliance? Let's wait and see.

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