03 Aug 2017 2:44 PM +00:00 UTC

Ron Howard’s Brother Gets Cast In Han Solo Spinoff

It looks like Han Solo's new director Ron Howard has managed to squeeze in a spot for his brother Clint Howard in the controversial but highly anticipated Star Wars spinoff.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who posted saying "Please tell me you have a role for Clint," the new Han Solo director told his followers that they "won't be disappointed" with the standalone.

A character actor who's appeared in quite a number of Ron's films, it's no surprise to hear thatClint's been given a role in Han Solo. Like Ron, Clint was also a child actor that appeared in a few television shows. Fans of the Howard brothers might remember one of his best performances as Apollo 13's NASA Engineer Seymour Liebergot.


As for now, we're not sure what kind of role Ron reserved for his brother, but knowing the tandem, we're pretty sure that it'll be a good one.

Aside from the new casting, Ron also gave The Hollywood Reporter a quick Han Solo updated fans that the film was "coming along great."

"It's a fantastic script, a great cast and I am having a fantastic creative experience with it. It's a great young cast, incredibly strong — smart, funny people who love their characters and love being part of this. I think we'll be able to do something that is a lot of fun."

It's been quite a while since the Han Solo shake up, but it's good to hear Ron promising fans that things are going to be alright.

Han Solo hits cinemas on May 25, 2018.

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