Ron Howard Gives Fans Their First Glimpse Of Alden Ehrereich’s Han Solo On His Knees

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Lucasfilm might be a bit protective of its upcoming Star Wars projects but in the midst of all its shakeups this year, the studio's decided to allow Ron Howard to assure fans that the Han Solo spinoff production's running smoothly by posting various photos and videos on social media.

Ever since Howard took the place of Han Solo's previous directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the award-winning filmmaker's been giving Star Wars fans glimpses of the spinoff's cast and set without spoiling the film. Now, one of Howard's most recent posts may give followers their first look at Alden Ehrenreich's version of everyone's favorite smuggler, Han Solo.


Taking to Twitter today, Howard decided to share a new behind-the-scenes photo of Han Solo and while this image of a "strange new corner of the Galaxy" seems innocent enough, fans can easily spot Ehrenreich on his knees, his face being slightly blocked by an individual in suspenders.

Check it out down here:

Though fans could reason that this person could be anyone in Han Solo's cast and crew, the profile of the guy with the bended knees certainly fit Ehrenreich. Not only that, but his glorious mop of hair looks just like Han Solo's. If it turns out to be true, then we wonder what kind of shenanigans the smuggler got himself into this time.


Han Solo premieres May 25, 2018.

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