09 Aug 2016 6:33 PM +00:00 UTC

Rogue One's Riz Ahmed Explains Why His Character Still Wears the Imperial Insignia

Riz Ahmed shed a little light on his Rogue One: a Star Wars Story character, Bohdi Rook, Entertaiment Weekly reports. Rook defected from the Empire to join the Rebellion, but still wears the Imperial Insignia. Ahmed explained that this is because Rook is not hiding where he came from and wants to be reminded of it. Ahmed says,"It's to remind you of where you're coming from, remind you where your debts are. Do you know what I mean? For me personally, every day, looking at that, it reminds you of what you've done."

Both Ahmed and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy discussed the character a little futher. Kennedy says, "He tends to be a little tense, a little volatile, but everybody in the group really relies on his technical skills". Ahmed talked about how Rook was affected by his circumstances. "A character like Bodhi is not born into the life of a soldier. He's a pilot working for the Empire, doing his job, getting on with it. But when you put ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, it can freak them out. It can inspire deep passions."

Ahmed explains that while Rook worked for the Empire, he was a cargo pilot rather than a fighter. Ahmed contrasted Rook with Han Solo, saying he isn't the type to consider a ship his pride and joy and name it like Solo did the Millenium Falcon. He also said that Rook is really utilitarian, rather than a showboater. This fits in with the film's atmosphere which is "rough and ready".


Ahmed said the film has a lot of characters with interesting backgrounds. "Everyone in this Star Wars movie has got quite a complex past. They have a lot of baggage and history to it. That's part of what makes it an interesting, nuanced movie,"

Rook sounds like an interesting character. What do you think about him? Are you excited to see him in Rogue One?

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