18 Mar 2017 4:40 PM +00:00 UTC

Rogue One Writer On Why We'll Never See The Film's Opening Crawl

Just recently, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story director Gareth Edwards confirmed that there was an opening crawl written for the movie, but it was not for him to disclose. The guy who does know about the crawl, writer Gary Whitta, has opened up about the Rogue One crawl, and says that fans won't ever be able to see it.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Whitta admits that the situation involving the disclosure of the crawl is unique, and it can't be revealed for a number of reasons. For one, it's part of a rough draft for the script that is subject to terms of a non-disclosure agreement. So Whitta wouldn't be able to reveal the crawl even if he wanted to.

Speaking of him wanting to, Whitta has also admitted that even if he did have permission to reveal the crawl for Rogue One, he still wouldn't do it. The reason for which is because the crawl was part of a rough draft that it's "unworthy" to be considered canon by fans.


What we do know is this, the early draft of the crawl was written without the intention of it ever making the final cut, and it has the same word count as the original crawl for Star Wars: A New Hope.

Rogue One was not a very traditional Star Wars movie, lacking the classic screen transitions and opening crawl. What's more, it didn't have any of the classic John Williams score, and the final scene also had dialogue spoken by Princess Leia (all previous Star Wars movies ending without dialogue). The only tradition that it seems to have followed is an appearance from R2-D2 and C-3PO who appear in every Star Wars movie.

Nevertheless, Rogue One was a huge hit, and I can't wait to get my hands on the Blu-Ray when it comes out on April 4.

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