Rogue One VFX Supervisor Explains Why K-2SO Is An “Anti C-3PO”

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Star Wars' main droids have always played the role of comic relief, and Rogue One had no intentions of straying away from tradition when the production cast Alan Tudyk as the film's salty reprogrammed Imperial droid, K-2SO. The droid easily swept fans off their feet, replacing or coming close to replacing R2-D2 and C-3PO as the general fan-favorite droid.

Now, in an interview with ComicBook, Rogue One Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll explains how he came up with K-2SO.

"I came up with the K-2SO as a part of my original story pitch. One of the original ideas there was that he's almost the 'anti' C-3PO," Knoll revealed.

"C-3PO has these amazing abilities that are referred to, that he can speak 6 million forms of communication, talking about calculating the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field. How's he doing that?" Knoll pondered.

"Well, clearly, it's implied that he's potentially running hundreds of thousands of scenarios, doing some sort of Monte Carlo analysis of successful vs. unsuccessful outcomes of those things. We thought, 'That's a really cool capability. If you're putting together a team of experts with complementary skills to come together to go on a mission, you want somebody who can do those kinds of things as part of a team.'"

"The idea was to use K-2SO for the things that are cool about a droid character like that. Another nice little detail that I liked was that K-2 doesn't fire a weapon very often, but when he does, he never misses, it's always a bullseye," Knoll explained. "It's another nice little thing. It's a cool thing about the character."

Though C-3PO does share some of the wit of K-2SO, he doesn't have the same brand of sarcasm and saltiness as the reprogrammed protocol droid. In fact, most of C-3PO's ranting usually come off as whiny to fans – something which can bring in a few laughs depending on the situation. Who's your favorite droid? Feel free to comment below.


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