Rogue One Director Shares Funny Planet-Naming Accident

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Inspiration can come from anywhere, we all know that. But Gareth Edwards proves this even more when he revealed just where the name "Scarif" came for Rogue One.

Speaking at a panel at the SXSW (via The Hollywood Reporter), he revealed that the planet's name came from a (fortunate?) accident:

"I must have said, ‘It's Gareth,' and they wrote "Scarif.'"

Perhaps one can compare this to how Edwards landed in Hollywood as a filmmaker. Previously, Edwards revealed that he had racked up a name as a "kid who made graphics from his bedroom." Ironically, this had resulted in his doing a lot of work without making any commitments towards making a film.

That all changed when he finally got to be on the set of the original Star Wars in Tunisia. There, on Tatooine, he was able to see Obi-Wan Kenobi's house and have that epic blue milk in Luke Skywalker's house. From there, he was able to debut his film Monsters in SXSW 2010, eventually getting into the Hollywood's most-wanted.

His experience in Rogue One has had many revisions, among which were reshoots. But for Edwards, this is something that already comes naturally in the filmmaking industry.

"If it leads to the result where people don't shout at you from across the street and say you ruined their childhood, I'll take it."

Rogue One is set to come out in digital and Blu-ray this month.

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