Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser Poster Released

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This week has been phenomenal for Star Wars fans.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will be released eight months from now, has released its highly anticipated trailer yesterday – something fans have been looking forward to for months.


Fans were ecstatic and the internet practically blew up with emotion and excitement.

Now, Rogue One has released a new teaser poster (via h/t MSW), which isn't exactly as big as the trailer, but it's still something.

Take a look:

It's worth noting that Star Wars:The Force Awakens also released a similar teaser poster in 2014 showing only the logo and the release date of the film. That teaser poster was also released via Disney Movie Rewards and it had been a placeholder poster at movie theaters.

The teaser poster doesn't reveal anything that we don't already know, but the slogan is there saying:




Short but powerful, with the latter I'm expecting the movie to be. Regardless of what some fans think of Felicity Jones' character, the trailer showing her Jyn Erso struck all the right chords in me. I'm so excited to see the movie. Eight months never felt so far.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16.

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