31 Oct 2017 1:30 PM +00:00 UTC

Robot Chicken’s Seth Green Is Voicing A New Character In Star Wars Rebels

Anyone familiar with Adult Swim's Robot Chicken will know that co-creator Seth Green is a huge fan of Star Wars, and news has it that he'll be voicing an all new character for the last season of Star Wars Rebels.

According to Nerdist, Green will be voicing a Trandoshan character by the name of Captain Seevor, and the Ghost crew will be trying to take over Seevor's mining guild crawler. There's also an exclusive clip and some pictures from the site:

To those who don't know, Trandoshans are the same reptilian species of the bounty hunter Bossk, but Green's character seems to be a lot smaller compared to what Star Wars fans are used to. For a while I even thought that they just misspoke and he was actually a Toydarian.

With this being the final season of Rebels, I doubt that Green is going to be making a return to any future episodes, but no one can really tell. Usually finales bring in some special guest stars to return, and Green is someone a lot of people in the Star Wars community definitely love.


The next episode of Star Wars Rebels, Crawler Commanders, comes out Monday next week, Nov. 6.

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