Robert Kirkman Wants TV Rick Grimes to Lose His Hand

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If you've been following the Walking Dead comic, you'll know that Rick Grimes had lost his hand way back during the Governer arc, but in TV land, Rick still has both of his mitts. Apparently, TWD creator Robert Kirkman admits that he wants to maim Rick in the show.

During a panel at Walker Stalker Cruise 2018 (via ComicBook), Kirkman was asked if there was any story that he would like to change on the show; and after he jokes about killing Carl a few times, he admitted:


"I wanna cut off Rick's hand."

There are multiple reasons why they would delay that for the live action series. For one, the CGI to remove Rick's hand would cost the network a lot of money, and nobody wants to see another "knife-hand" a la Merle. Another reason is that it would be hard to write around Rick's disability, which Kirkman has admitted was a problem with the comics.

With the show losing ratings, cutting off Rick's hand could prove to be a desperate attempt at shock value, but seeing that it's such a vital event in the comics, it would mean something else for the show. Andrew Lincoln is already onboard for maiming Rick, so it may only be a matter of time before we see him lose his hand onscreen.

The Walking Dead comes back to AMC on Feb. 25.

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