Robert Downey Jr. Says Tom Holland’s Dance Background Makes Him The ‘Perfect’ Spider-Man

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Sony seems to be bent on showing that Tony Stark will be in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Robert Downey Jr. has had a lot of time to bond with his onscreen mentee, Tom Holland. Just like RDJ is perfect for Iron Man, he also thinks that Holland is ‘perfect' for Peter Parker.

In an interview with News Corp Australia Network, Downey says:

"Tom is the perfect man for the job. He's enthusiastic, bright and gifted, a very physically talented guy by virtue of his dance and acrobatic background. He has just the right combination of elements required to bring a new take on the character."

Just for fun, here's a video of Holland trying to teach co-star Jacob Batalon how to do ballet. Watch Holland pirouette like a pro:

— Tom Holland Updates (@tomhupdates)
July 3, 2017

Besides his physicality, you can also say that Holland fits the role perfectly because of his age. For the first time, we actually get to have an actual teenager play Peter Parker, and this new saga of Spider-Man movies will focus on Peter's high school life—Homecoming set on his Freshman year, Infinity War on his Sophomore year, and Spider-Man 2 on his Junior year.

They better pump out those movies fast, though, because Holland and his co-stars won't be young forever.

RDJ may be right when he says Holland is the perfect Spider-Man, since early reviews are already praising Homecoming as the best Spider-Man movie since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. So far, this is the most comic-accurate Spider-Man that we've had, and you gotta love just how many Spider-gadgets the suit has.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7.

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