Rivals of Ixalan Magic Cards Leaked Thanks To Target Customer Who Found It

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Update: This was confirmed to be fake. They're not actually official cards from Rivals ofIxalan. You can check out the cards here.

The next Magic: The Gathering set, Rivals ofIxalan, won't be released until January 19, 2018, and so far, only three cards have been officially spoiled. However, it looks like an early mockup of the set (or an elaborate gag of it) may have been leaked online, and it's all thanks to a Target customer who claims to have found an uncut sheet of Rivals ofIxalan cards in a repack.

The anonymous person shared photos of the uncut sheet on Imgur, and says that he found the uncut sheet in a Target repack. "I'm apoplectic. How did this get into a Target repack? That's absurd," the user wrote. "This absolutely cannot be real, right? It can't be real. It has got to be a joke. It's a joke."


Check out the images he posted:

My repack sprung a leak

Some of the names are clearly fake, and some of the images are as well. But some of the art looks original. Looking closely at the sheet, you will see creases where the sheet is unfolded, which means this was likely printed on paper and not card stock. If what is printed is believed to be true, there are a lot of reprints coming in the set, like Time Warp, Explore, Mana Leak, Rishidan Port, and Siege Rhino. Perhaps this is all a fun "joke", or perhaps this is an early mockup from Rivals of Ixalan that uses placeholder names and art. What do you think?

Rivals ofIxalan, the second set of the Ixalan block, will be available January 19.

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