12 Feb 2021 2:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Riot Hints at New “Galaxy-Brain” Valorant Agent, Changes to Yoru & Viper

Riot Games just released Yoru, the fourteenth Valorant agent last month, but the developer has just hinted at a new "galaxy-brain" controller coming soon.

In the February "State of the Agents" announcement, Valorant character producer John Goscicki shared some hints regarding the next controller agent. According to him, the next agent is a "cosmic shift from the play patterns you've grown accustomed to."

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Credit: Riot Games

"This one is for all you 'galaxy brain' players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map," Gosicki said.

Goscicki went on to point out that none of the new agents that have been revealed have been too disruptive when it comes to typical methods of play. He didn't share any details about the new agent's abilities or look, but the use of the terms "galaxy brain" and "cosmic" suggests that the next agent will have an outer space-themed set of abilities, so this agent might be an alien.


I was kind of expecting that the 15th Valorant agent will be a Controller since it's been a while since they introduced a new Controller. The last agents they revealed since the game's launch are Yoru (Duelist), Sky (Initiator), Killjoy (Sentinel), and Reyna (Duelist). It's about time Riot adds a new controller to its popular tactical shooter. The other controllers in the game are Omen, Brimstone, and Viper. While Omen is seeing a lot of play in casual, ranked, and competitive tournaments, Brim and Viper are usually niche picks for certain maps.

However, it looks like Viper will get changes again soon. Goscicki said that changes to Viper's issues will be made, but they won't be in the next patch.


"We need to spend more time really defining where she fits within the choice competition among Brimstone and Omen," Goscicki said. "She has a really unique spot within the roster, and we want to make sure that any work we do goes towards highlighting the specific play patterns she represents, in conjunction with her power fantasy."

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As for Yoru, Goscicki said that the team is not satisfied with the level of success Yoru's infiltration toolkit has had over his first few weeks in Valorant, so they are planning to give him some future buffs in the near future.