Ridley Scott In Talks to Direct Disney's Merlin Saga

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It looks like Disney is moving forward with the film adaptation for The Merlin Saga, a popular young-adult series, and the company might have found its director. Apparently, Ridley Scott is in talks to direct the film, which might surprise fans given how he has criticized the company for hiring inexperienced directors on Star Wars movies. Still, there's no denying that Scott has talent and it will be interesting to see if he directs the film.

Sources told Variety that Scott is close to signing a deal, though one hasn't been made yet. The famous director's company, Scott Free, might also produce the film, with Philippa Boyens as the writer. If all goes as planned, this will be Ridley Scott's next movie.

As the title implies, the film will focus on the origin of Merlin, the world's most famous wizard. It will be based on a series of books by T.A. Barron, which has been popular with the young-adult crowd.

Oddly enough, this isn't the only Merlin film the people at Disney are working on. The company has also been working on a live-action Sword in the Stone as part of their lineup of Disney remakes, though this does focus more on young King Arthur rather than Merlin. Ridley Scott was also interested in this project, though it looks like he'll be working on The Merlin Saga instead.

No possible release window has been announced.

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