Rick and Morty Season 3 Has a New Sneak Peek Video

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Though Rick and Morty’s official Season 3 release date may still remain a mystery to many, it looks like fans are still eager to see the next batch of wildly wacky and improvisational episodes from Adult Swim’s insane science-fiction comedy series.

To satiate their appetite, fans have been busy scouring the internet for tidbits on the new season, and it looks like some have uncovered a new sneak peak of Rick and Morty season 3. Running for more than two minutes, fans get to see Morty trying to hit it off with Jessica only to have Rick interrupt and haul his grandson off for another space adventure. The clip cuts to six days after where Rick and Morty try to escape a space spider and a horde of monsters, ultimately receiving an award in a ceremony oddly reminiscent of Star Wars’ very first film, New Hope.

Ricks appearance in the sneak peek may come as a pleasant surprise to many, since the Season 2 finale of Rick and Morty saw the brassy scientist giving himself up to the Intergalactic Federation to save his family from life on an alien planet. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland may definitely be keeping true to their word when they said earlier this year that Rick wouldn’t be staying in prison for long.


Though the clip is short, it’s a pretty fun video that can keep fans spirits up while waiting for the arrival of the third season of Rick and Morty. Check out the new sneak peek video below. 

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