Rick And Morty: An Inside Look At The First Episode Of Season 3

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The guys behind Rick and Morty had been trolling fans about the series release for months until they released the full first episode of season three back in April, The Rickshank Redemption. To get everyone excited for the proper premiere of the third season, Adult Swim has released an inside look at the making of episode 3.01, and we go in-depth as to the Rick's crazy escape from the Federation.

Co-creator Dan Harmon explains:


"The reason we get away with Rick being such a selfish, sometimes vile character, I think is because, his fish actually are bigger. Rick is a hero sometimes, in some context a villain sometimes in others. The more important fact is Rick, for better and for worse, has transcended concerns about when he's a hero and when he's a villain."

Everyone was shocked about Rick's fabricated origin story in the series, but it kind of further drives the entire theme of the show that nothing really matters.

Watching in-depth analyses of Rick and Morty will make audiences realize that the show often takes common tropes in storytelling and turns them over its head—with Rick obviously not giving a damn about any of the consequences.

I think the show is very cleverly written, and Dan Harmon continues to excel in bringing stories that defy the genre. I loved his work in Community, but he's totally done something different here with Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty season 3 premieres on Adult Swim on July 30.

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