Rian Johnson Thinks Ending The Jedi Was “Not Really A Valid Choice” For TLJ

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A jaded Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) might have wanted to end the Jedi order in Lucasfilm's latest sequel trilogy installment, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, however, according to writer/director Rian Johnson, putting an end to the Jedi just was "not really a valid choice."

Just like the new Star Wars films, Lucasfilm has rolled out a handful of books to go along with the release of The Last Jedi, and in one of the books, The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (via Screen Rant), fans get to read a quote where Johnson explains how he believes that ending the Jedi order just wasn't a vild choice.

"When Rey shows up, the first and foremost thing is she needs a mentor. In looking at this grand plan from ten miles up in the air, Luke is missing the thing right in front of his nose. Here's somebody who needs you, who needs your help. If you think you are throwing away the past, you are fooling yourself. The only way to go forward is to embrace the past, figure out what is good and what is not good about it. But it's never going to not be a part of who we all are. And that includes Rey, who grew up hearing the legends about the Jedi. So the notion of, ‘Nope, toss this all away and find something new,' is not really a valid choice, I think."

Just like the film, Johnson's quote tries to keep a balance between the old and the new, showing fans that while we do need to be mindful of the past Star Wars films, we should also learn from it and accept new paths that are forged from the past.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently screening in cinemas.

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