Rian Johnson Talks the Alternate Ending for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi ended with a stable boy in Canto Bight looking to the stars in hopes of fighting for the Rebellion, but director Rian Johnson reveals that the movie almost didn't have the scene. Talking to Empire, Johnson reveals that the movie could have ended much earlier in the Falcon, but the scene with the boy was vital to Luke's sacrifice.

Johnson explains:

"That was something I really stuck to, and believe me, we went back and forth in the editing room. In the script, when I wrote that scene in the Falcon, I wrote the words, 'this seems like the perfect image to end on,'"


To me, it was really important to have that final scene, because it turns what Luke did from an act that saves 20 people into an act that inspires the galaxy. The notion that what we're setting up here is something big in the next chapter. And when Leia says, 'we have everything we need,' she's talking about everyone on the Falcon, but also about what we see next, which is we now have a galaxy that has seen this beacon of hope and is getting inspired to fight the good fight."

Though some people would have loved to see Luke stick around for the last movie, I think there was a lot more meaning in his final actions in TLJ. Besides, it's not his story anymore, and I think having him in the last film would draw attention away from Rey and Finn.

For now, you can watch Luke Skywalker's final moments in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, still in theaters.

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