Rian Johnson Explains Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Didn’t Write Off Princess Leia

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Star Wars fans were a bit surprised when Star Wars:The Last Jedi let Leia (Carrie Fisher) continue on her journey in the film, beating what might have been a fatal attack by the First Order by using her abilities to use the Force.

Everyone expected the sequel trilogy installment to write off General Organa after the tragic passing of Fisher in December 2016.

Speaking in an interview with Empire magazine, The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson explains the reason why he didn't change the film to reflect the Fisher's passing. According to the filmmaker, he couldn't really imagine any way to tweak the story to give Carrie an emotionally satisfying nod.


"Nothing changed," Johnson explained. "We discussed it briefly, and I spoke with Kathy (Kennedy, producer and Lucasfilm boss) when we came back after New Years. We watched through her scenes and there was briefly talk of, 'god, do we adjust something so that we give her some kind of end in this movie?' I felt strongly that we shouldn't do that for a couple of reasons. We have a beautiful, complete performance from her, and that final moment is so powerful for her, and for us saying goodbye to her. And also, I can't imagine anything that we would be able to manufacture without having Carrie that would've been emotionally satisfying. I definitely I have no idea what would maintain that scene between her and Luke, or the scene in the Falcon. So we just decided to let it lie. I know JJ's going to come up with a way to resolve her in the next movie."

Resolving Leia's story's definitely going to be tricky for Abrams though. Fisher passed away just before she could finish shooting her parts for Episode IX, and Disney's promised fans that they wouldn't try to digitally recreate the actress so that they could use her likeness in any upcoming Star Wars film. We wonder how things are going to turn out when Episode IX comes along.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently screening in cinemas.

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