Rewatch the Justice League Trailer, Fallout 4-Style

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Who said it’s time to stop watching the Justice League trailer?

For those who may have stopped hitting the replay button, here’s a new way to enjoy it.




YouTube video creator UpIsNotJump has created a Fallout 4-style rendition of the trailer from start to end. It’s a pretty close version, with some characters getting a great replica, while others get, well, a good enough likeness.

Aquaman is just looking a little on the thin side with less of the tangled mane that Jason Momoa sported in the video. Wonder Woman looks close enough, especially with her creatively done costume.

I can’t say anything bad about The Flash though. We don’t see him in his costume, but we get the lightning flashes instead. Cyborg also looks the part. In fact, his armor is very nicely made, but Batman’s look a little more radioactively worn-out.

That Shuriken though—I guess we can just squint a little to trick our eyes to believing that it’s the batarang, right?

This Justice League trailer is not the only recent video that UpIsNotJump remade in Fallout 4. You can also check out his projects for Suicide Squad trailer. Somehow, the characters here look more their part—Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Harley, and Joker all look their expected parts in Fallout 4. Can’t say the same about the old-man Deadshot though.



Justice League is coming to theaters in 2017. 

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