22 Jul 2019 3:51 AM +00:00 UTC

Review: IOGear HVER Pro RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is Surprising Premium For Affordable Price

8 / 10

Review: IOGear HVER Pro RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is Surprising Premium For Affordable Price

The IOGear HVER Pro RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is a surprisingly high-quality keyboard with premium materials, mechanical switches with RGB lighting, and well-built design for an affordable price. At around $75, the HVER Pro RGB features a tough, brushed aluminum chassis that adds durability while most keyboards at this price range come with creaky plastic frames and other cheap materials. 

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For an affordable price, the HVER Pro RGB comes with full, per-key RGB backlighting, while most keyboards around this price range only offer zone lighting. Characters and symbols on the top half of the keyboard look better-lit compared to the lower half but it's barely noticeable. You can also use the Kaliber Gaming software to customize backlighting and keyboard functions, and it comes with 18 lighting patterns that can all be cycled through on the keyboard. 


The double injected keycaps feel sturdy, and the keyboard features key switches, which are labeled Red or Brown. There's a large tactile bump on the Brown-style key so it felt off to me at first but after a few days of playing Magic: The Gathering Arena with it, each click felt responsive so it was surprisingly easy to adapt to, and the Brown key switches have just the right amount of resistance to prevent bottoming out when I press the keys. As expected, the keyboard makes noise that can be distracting to some players but I didn't have any problems with it while playing. 

For its $75 price tag, the IOGear HVER Pro RGB has a lot to offer compared to other keyboards with the same price range, and with its incredibly sturdy design, high-quality materials, programmable keys, and cool backlighting, and key switches that are easy to adapt to. 

You can get the IOGear HVER Pro RGB gaming keyboard on Amazon for $75 USD.