Reshoots Taking Place For Spider-Man: Homecoming

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A lot of people are waiting for the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming since it will feature new Peter Parker Tom Holland headlining for the first time, and reshoots are currently underway for the production.

Reshoots were confirmed by Laura Harrier (Liz Allan) on her Instagram post (via CBR), but there hasn't been any confirmation on who else is joining her in the reshoots. Seeing that she's one of the younger members in the cast, it's possible that she'll be sharing scenes with Holland and Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds).

Though news of reshoots always lead to fans getting worried, it's very commonplace when it comes to making movies. Marvel is said to have scheduled the reshoots even before the production started, so everything seems to be happening right on schedule. I have faith in Marvel, and Sony was wise to have struck their deal for sharing characters. Get to the times, Fox!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, and Michael Keaton. It's slated to come out on July 7.

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