Redo of Healer Episode 11: The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality! - Anime Review

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Redo of Healer Episode 11: The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality! - Anime Review

In the world of Redo of Healer, true heroes don't seem to exist, but even the sadistic, revenge-driven, and brutal characters in this anime series can do "heroic" deeds if what they're up against is just as sick and twisted as them. 

Episode 11, The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality, picks up Episode 10's cliffhanger (You can read my full review of Episode 10 here): the anti-hero healer protagonist Keyaru is about to punish Blade for abusing him in the previous timeline, and this episode shows that it's the most disgusting revenge yet. 


Warning: Spoilers from Redo of Healer Episode 11:  The Healer is Troubled by Norn's Brutality! ahead! If you want to find out how to stream Redo of Healer online, you can click here


This is mostly a build-up episode to the season's finale and biggest revenge yet, but before that, we get to watch Blade suffer in the healer's devious torture — After paralyzing her legs, Keara (the disguised female version of Keyaru) brainwashes three men to gang-rape her while the healer watches and explains to her about the twisted "game": the men are feeling an intense hunger thanks to a potion so Blade can only escape being eaten as long as their lust prevails over their hunger. Although no explicit penetration is shown, even in the uncesored version this scene is equally entertaining and disgusting. This is dark fantasy at its darkest. 

The middle of the episode features one of the show's most boring scenes yet: the sharp-eyed Trist Organ, a.k.a. Hawkeye, meets Keyaru, and he's impressed by the potions he sold to Karman then invites the healer to join his army, but he declines. The healer realizes that Hawkeye is too powerful for him. Freya (Princess Flare), Setsuna, and Eve Reese seem to be just mindless companions in this scene. Knowing that it would take more than his already overpowered abilities to take down Hawkeye and Princess Norn, Keyaru connects with a gem (Where did that come from?) to form a new weapon: a clawed gauntlet with a creepy eye called Georgius. 

There's another threesome between Keyaru, Freya, and Setsuna. It seems obvious that the sexually-repressed Eve will eventually join the fun, and watching her finger herself is one of the hottest parts of this episode despite the repetitive allure.

On the third day, Norn faces the crowd in Branica, the only city where humans and demons co-exist, and she accuses the demons of brainwashing humans into accepting them, so she commands her army to kill eveyone, including Keyaru's friend, Karman. This infuriates the healer, making him more thirsty for vengeance, so he slaughters Norn's knights with his new weapon, which doesn't give a sense that it made him more powerful. At the end, Norn and Hawkeye is shocked to see Freia, pretending to be Flare, projected as a giant hologram in the sky, and the episode abruptly ends. It's likely that Keyaru will brutally punish Norn in the final episode of Redo of Healer Season 1, which will probably be more twisted than what we've seen in this episode. 

Overall, Episode 11 is more wickedly entertaining than the previous episode, but it lacks the novely of the season's earlier half. We've seen the same threesome three times already, and we get it: Hawkeye is a sharp-eyed elite hero, and Norn is evil, therefore she deserves the most painful revenge the healer can deliver. Eve Reese remains the most compelling character in the show, but she doesn't seem to have a significant role in the past two episodes. The animation of this episode's climax, when Keyaru massacres Norn's knights is uninspiring, so don't expect quality shonen elements in this show's fight scenes. Viewers watch this anime for its twisted revenge and lust-driven scenes most anime shows (even hentai ones) wouldn't dare to show despite its "softcore" limits, and despite its plot and animation flaws, they will still be motivated to continue watching Redo of Healer until the end. 


Rating: 4.0/ 10