Ray Fisher Shares Image From Unused Justice League Scene

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Cyborg was one of the more interesting characters in Justice League, even if he could have been utilized better in the film. Reports say that the character's backstory was trimmed down tremendously due to the two-hour runtime, which the film's trailers prove is true. While the character's origin could be saved for his solo film, actor Ray Fisher has given us a glimpse of the hero's backstory.

Fans will remember how some of the trailers showed Cyborg - real name Victor Stone - playing football in the rain. It looked like it was in slow motion as well, so it's clear that the scene was a Zack Snyder decision. Removing this scene, as well as some of Aquaman's, was a huge detriment to the film since it would have humanized the two. While there are some character moments, it's clear that they could have been developed better.

Since these scenes were shot already, they could always appear in the inevitable Ultimate Edition/Director's Cut that DCEU films have become famous/infamous for. If it's as good as the one Batman V Superman had, fans will be very happy with the final product. At the least, the extra scenes will give the film more time to breathe and, hopefully, be better.

Justice League may or may not be showing in theaters right now. Expect news on the film's home release sometime in 2018.

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