Ray Fisher Open to Star in a Teen Titans Movie

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If you're a millennial, chances are you grew up knowing Cyborg as a member of the Teen Titans. The DCEU has made him one of the founding members of the onscreen Justice League, but actor Ray Fisher says that he's open to doing a Titans film somewhere down the line.

Talking to ComicBook, Fisher explains that there is "nothing off the table." He goes on:


"It's like, stories with consequence actually really appeal to me, where characters are going through recognizable struggle that I see in every day life. So if that translates to Titans or a Cyborg standalone or Justice League 2, as long as that's there, I'm sold, man. I'm good with anything."

Though some fans would be happy to see an actual Teen Titans film, chances are the DCEU is holding back on that team-up. It's known that whatever character is coming to the big screen is always pulled out of the DC TV series, and with the Titans show set to come out soon, it could only mean that there are no plans to bring them to the movie universe for now.

At least Cyborg still gets to say his classic "Boo yah!" catchphrase in the Justice League movie.

We don't know when we're going to see Cyborg on the big screen again, but hopefully we get an announcement from Warner Bros soon.


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