23 Feb 2017 11:10 AM +00:00 UTC

R2-D2 Gets A Real Voice in New Star Wars Fan Video

Even though R2-D2 only makes beeps and boops, the bin-shaped droid of the Star Wars franchise makes for great comic relief and every film that he appears in. Arguing with C-3PO and assisting Luke (Mark Hamill) and the rest of the Rebels in their many missions to fight off the Galactic Empire,  R2-D2 is an easy fan-favorite because of his sarcastic beeps, boops and little head shakes. But what would R2-D2’s reception be like if he were able to talk in a regular manner like C-3PO?

In new fan video by Auralnauts, we get to hear R2-D2 make banter with Star Wars fussy golden humanoid protocol droid in his own voice in a few of the droids’ key scenes in Star Wars: A New Hope.  Like the droid with mechanized beeps and boops, this R2-D2 that speaks with an English accent has the same wit and sarcasm we always imagined he’d have.  

Check R2-D2 and C-3PO exchanging lines down here:

While it is certainly interesting hearing the possible lines that could come out of R2-D2 had he been able to speak in English, part of R2-D2’s charm was the little beeps and boops that he communicates in. It’s cute seeing a little bin-droid scuffling along, beeping and booping  and cursing to himself.  Lucasfilm probably thought so too.

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