Punisher Gets An Announcement Teaser Through Daredevil

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There hasn't been a lot of information on the highly anticipated Punisher Netflix series, however it seems like that might change pretty soon.

A mysterious-looking photo has popped up on the different social media accounts for Daredevil, and it's teasing fans with the possibility of an incoming announcement for the Punisher.

A screenshot taken from the finale of Daredevil season 2 where Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle takes a trip to his home for one last moment to pick up a CD labeled "Micro."

Check it out down here:


While the image could more likely be teasing Daredevil season 3, there's also the strong possibility that it's hinting at an announcement for Punisher. After all, the picture's all about Frank – if Netflix was going for a Daredevil teaser, they could have used something else. We'll keep our eyes peeled an update you with news about both series as soon as we can get our hands on new info.

Punisher is set for release sometime in 2017.

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