PS4’s Death Stranding Will Introduce a New Type of Action

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Open world, check. Online mode, check. Action, check.

These are the few key words that Hideo Kojima has tagged to the upcoming title, Death Stranding. Revealed during the Sony PlayStation pre-Tokyo Game Show event, Kojima cleared up speculations on the title and the logo.

According to GameSpot, the title and design actually show cords or strands running down from the letters. These cords pertain to the theme of the game, which is to show connection between and among people involved.


Though the plot of the game is still under tight wraps, Kojima confirmed that the game will offer a fairly big degree of freedom to the player. This confirms an open-world aspect to the game, but the extent of this freedom has not yet been revealed.

The same goes for online though—Kojima still hasn't confirmed just how deep the element of online will be.

If Kojima's plans bear fruit, Death Stranding is supposed to be a new kind of action game. While the most common expectation for an action title is combats and kills, it seems that the idea of "stranding" or creating links between the characters and players will have a fairly heavy bearing.

Death Stranding is still very much in the development phase, but the good news is that Kojima Productions seems to be off to a good start. But don't expect any release dates soon, as production may take a while.

Death Stranding is set to launch on the PS4.

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