Progressive 50’s Superman Poster Gets Digitally Restored

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Superman has always been a symbol of Truth, Justice and the American Way. However, the latter bit has been misunderstood for sometime, with the Charlottesville incident being a prime example of that. Now, DC Comics is hoping to restore the "American Way," with their classic Superman poster getting digitally restored.

The classic poster that originally gained prominence in the 50's was actually made in 1949, and was originally for brown paper notebooks at the time. While the writer for the piece isn't known, DC Comics believes that the art was done by famed Superman artist Wayne Boring. Since very few posters of this are left, DC has now digitally restored them for modern times, though it's not yet known if the company will be printing these.

According to DC, the poster will offer a "much larger and clearer image of this classic piece of art that embodies a core value that we as Americans hold so dear." The poster has been shared numerous times in social media in recent years, and is clearly relevant after the shocking events that happened in Charlottesville.

No word on if or when DC plans to release prints of these Superman posters, but fans seem to be excited for them. Here is hoping that Henry Cavill's version of the character gets to be as inspirational as the hero we see in that poster.

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