13 Dec 2017 10:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Production Designer Talks Guillermo Del Toro’s Original Plans For Pacific Rim 2

Guillermo del Toro may not be back to direct Pacific Rim Uprising, but he has been getting a lot of praise for his film The Shape of Water. As it turns out, del Toro originally planned to direct the Pacific Rim trilogy, and he says his film would have totally destroyed San Francisco.

Talking to Collider, production designer Paul Austerberry explained:

I don't know what happened but I think the script completely changed. But when we were doing it we were set in Shanghai, that's why we were scouting in China. We had some scenes in Shanghai and we were using the river and the craziness of Shanghai as our backdrop, it was sort of a wall at the end of the river. And then we were in the desert because there were scenes in the desert and we went way into the desert to some amazing landscapes to use as part of our background.


And then, of course, I think we finished in the west coast, I think it was San Francisco that we were gonna end up in. San Francisco, where so many disaster movies take place (laughs). We were gonna destroy it with the great big battle between the kaiju and the big robots, so that was gonna be pretty exciting.

We don't know how much of the original script will make it to the film, but we do know that Dardevil's Steven S. DeKnight has taken over as director. Hopefully he'll fix some of the story and character issues that the first Pacific Rim had.

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi out, I suspect it's the perfect time to market Pacific Rim Uprising since John Boyega will be in this movie too. Let's hope he shines just like he does in Star Wars.

Pacific Rim Uprising is set for a release on March 23, 2018.

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