Pokémon GO Team Reportedly Working On Gen IV, New Level Cap, and More

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It might be a few years old but Pokemon GO is still going strong. The hit mobile game continues to get updates from Niantic that adds even more content to the title and it looks like that won't be stopping anytime soon. As fans wait for even more updates and fixes for the current version of the mobile game, it looks like the title's first major update is coming soon.

On Twitter, Doctor PoGo revealed that he sat next to Niantic CEO John Hanke, who claims that Pokemon GO is getting a major update soon. According to Doctor PoGo, the game will soon add Gen IV Pokemon, a brand new PVP system, and another level cap to reach.

Hanke also told Doctor PoGo that Niantic will be trying to do a second Pokemon Go Fest, which is shocking. The first one ended up being a disaster and Niantic had to scramble and pay fans who felt that they were ripped off. The Niantic CEO also mentioned cracking down on cheaters, though we'll have to wait and see for that.

The PVP system is something fans have wanted from Pokemon GO since it launched and even the promotional material at the time seemingly teased it. Unfortunately, Pokemon GO was pretty bare bones when it launched but it still got plenty of people engaged. Fans who stuck with the game have been wanting PVP for years and if this report is true, they could finally get it.

Niantic hasn't officially announced anything, so fans should take this with a grain of salt. Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android.

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