Pokimane Says She'd 'Do Anything' For Her Own VALORANT Weapon Skin, Riot Responds

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Twitch star Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has been streaming a lot of Riot's popular FPS VALORANT recently. Now, a fan-made Vandal weapon skin designedfor her has captured her attention.

Credit: Pokimane - Twitch.tv

On Thursday, April 29, 100 Thieves designer SesoHQ shared a brilliant Pokimane-themed version of the Vandal, featuring her brand's bright purple, pink, and white colors. It also features Pokimane's signature along with some hearts, shapes, and other objects that remind us of the Twitch star's style.

Pokimane reacted on Twitter, saying that she'd do whatever it takes for Riot to officially add it to VALORANT eventually.

"Oh my God, please!" she wrote while tagging the official VALORANT Twitter account. "I would do ANYTHING for this."

Riot seems to notice Pokimane's tweet, and Alaina Miller, the head of Global Influencer Strategy at Riot Games, responded with a brief yet eye-catching tweet:


"Noted..." she wrote, potentially teasing that Riot might add a Pokimane-inspired weapon skin in VALORANT.

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Of course, Riot hasn't confirmed yet about this potential crossover, but the developer has been making an effort to better connect with streamers, so a potential Pokimane skin may eventually be released in the near future.


Recently, streamer Sykunno was surprised to find out that VALORANT's lobster spray was actually inspired by him.

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