Pokémon UNITE Arrives on Nintendo Switch

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Credit: The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Pokémon Company proudly announced that Pokémon UNITE, a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), will now be available on Nintendo Switch and players can team up on a five-on-five battle against each other. What makes it more exciting is that later this summer, the game will also be available on mobile phones.


Last Thursday, The Pokémon Company got the word out that their game Pokémon UNITE will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021. It is made in collaboration with Tencent Games and with the game now up, it can now be downloaded and played for free. The game will also be launching on Android and iOS by September.

The game will be having a cross-platform play between the mobile version and the one on Switch so players could have a wider network of friends teaming up for Pokémon UNITE. The users would also be able to sync their progress on the game across the different platforms.

Early players of the game would also receive a little bonus from The Pokémon Company wherein all those who would download it before August 31 would receive a license with the thunderclap Pokémon, Zeraora, hailing from the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and they could use the said fighter in the game.

The players could have a customizable character creator for the trainer and the gameplay has teased Pikachu and Lucario among other popular characters. While the trainer could not be dressed up, cute outfits for your Pokémon could be availed of like an oversized hoodie for Pikachu plus a baseball cap.


Excited to have Pokémon UNITE on your Nintendo Switch? Download it here now!

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