25 Jan 2017 11:01 AM +00:00 UTC

Pokemon Sun and Moon Now Compatible with Pokemon Bank

Pokemon Go may be having its own set of issues and lack of concrete updates, but Pokemon Sun and Moon has certainly received a great update.

Over the official Pokemon website, the developer has announced that a new update has landed for the feature. According to the developer, there were a number of major updates to ensure this new compatibility with the new games.

This makes it easier for players to transfer ‘mons from multiple copies of the two recent titles to just one single game. and for those who have been playing way before with earlier titles can also transfer Pokemon to the game. These titles include Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

There's even an added treat for Pokemon Sun and Moon players:

"To celebrate this update, all Pokemon Bank subscribers can get a Mewnium Z, the Z-Crystal that only Mew can use. When you launch the new Pokemon Bank and receive the gift, a new Wonder Card will appear in your Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon game. you can use the Mystery Gift function to claim your Mewnium Z."

Players can only get one Mewnium Z despite using the Pokemon Bank with multiple copies of the two games. So if you're thinking of using the Pokemon Bank and getting the Mewnium Z, you will have to access the service by Oct. 2 to get it.

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