Pokemon Snap Coming Soon to Wii U in Japan

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The eccentric on-rails first-person "shooter" game, Pokemon Snap, is reportedly arriving on Wii U Virtual Consoles in Japan next week.

According to Nintendo Japan (h/t Kotaku), Pokemon Snap is priced at 1,028 yen, which is around US $9.17. The game's exact release date in Japan is on Monday, April 4.

Pokemon Snap's last release was almost two decades ago on the Nintendo 64. To this day, there remains no sequel to the game, which requires players to snap photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat.

Although the photography-based game will be available overseas next week, this is still good news since an international release for Pokemon Snap will likely be announced sometime in the future.


This however, may or may not be a sign that a sequel will be arriving anytime soon. Hopefully, Nintendo decides to develop one.