01 Aug 2016 12:05 PM +00:00 UTC

Pokemon Go Update May Not be the Best For Everyone

Maybe getting Pokemon Go later than everyone else may not be such a bad thing now.

If all you've had so far are server issues and glitches, then you're either lucky or you still haven't downloaded the latest update. It seems that the new update hit hard—and that's because players were unexpectedly hit with a reset for the application.

This means that some fans' hard work for the last three weeks or so have been reset back to the measly level one. According to Telegraph, there are already hundreds of fans who have reported that the update had wiped out the data from weeks upon weeks of trying to catch ‘em all.


Some players have already reached as high as Level 20, only to see their data showing Level 1 again. For others, the bigger issue is that they have already spent money on the game, but it has already

Mirror also spotted another removed feature from Pokemon Go. The battery saver has reportedly been removed. Considering how Pokemon Go wasn't already a battery-saving app to begin with, and with the new issues currently plaguing the game, this may make this next to impossible to really enjoy.

The current version has been so bad, its rating on the iOS App Store is now down to just two stars, as per Pokemon Go News.

Granted, there are some supposedly good things that the new update brings, including allowing trainers to change avatars. The newest update, version 1.1.1 reportedly improves performance and list screens and corrects link for app upgrade. However, it does not fix the tracking, according to Pokemon Go Servers.

Niantic Labs has yet to release an official statement about the game's current status. It seems that the updates are only making the list for expected fixes longer, instead of addressing players' current needs in the game.


Pokemon Go is currently out on iOS and Android in most areas of the world except for some Asian and African countries. Its accessory item, Pokemon Go Plus, has been delayed until September.

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