Pokemon Go Showcased in a Neat Little Feature in Google Maps

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If you're still playing Pokemon Go, there's one little feature you might want to make nice use of.

Google Maps appears to still play a major role with Niantic Labs' latest game, thanks to a new update feature that will let your friends know what you're doing—and that's playing Pokemon Go.


Spotted by Reddit user GoldLeader272, the new feature now allows players to update their Google Maps Timeline to show that they are "Catching Pokemon" at a particular moment.

The choice is right there with Cycling, Running, Driving, and Motorcycling. The little Pokeball icon beside the option is a neat add-on as well.

It's not really a major update, but it does personalize your Google Maps timeline, especially if you've been doing more walking to hatch eggs or catch ‘mons. According to Android Police, the Google Maps Timeline is not a very utilized feature, but it's a good feature to review if you want to see where you've been, how you've traveled, and what you did during that fraction of the journey (especially now that there's the Catching Pokemon option).

For those who have time management issues, it may also show you just how much you've been playing Pokemon during your entire day.

Developer Niantic Labs is expected to roll out a new update for Pokemon Go, which will bring the Buddy Pokemon system. Other features are expected to roll out later on, hopefully with trading among them.

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