17 Aug 2016 2:25 PM +00:00 UTC

Pokemon Go Players Attacked by Laser-Wielding Couple in Pig Masks

There have been a lot of weird incidents with Pokemon Go players, but this might be the weirdest. Some Pokemon Go players in Sweden were accosted by a couple in pig masks carrying a laser, the Swedish news site The Local Sereports.

Actually, not only does this news site report the incident, but they did it with gusto, using the amazing headline "Sex pigs halt local traffic after laser attack on Pokemon teens". There's no way I could top that, so I didn't even try.

They follow it up with "Tiny Insjön in central Sweden isn't known for pig mask-wearing couples shooting lasers at Pokémon hunters before having sex by a waterwheel. But that could be about to change." Well, it definitely has now.


Like the headlines imply, two teenagers were peacefully playing Pokemon Go when, according to their mother, they encountered.a couple wearing rubber pig mask. They were also wearing T-shirts that said "King" and "Queen" on them and they "started screaming and waving a green laser".

Honestly, they sound like Batman villains. Professor Pyg's sidekicks, maybe? But fortunately for the teens, the laser they weilded was a regular harmless one rather than a deadly comic book one. The teens ran home, deeply disturbed but mercifully uninjured.

The couple proceeded to have public sex next to the nearby waterwheel. As you might expect, traffic slowed down as people climbed out of their cars to stare at them. While the story is amusing, a police officer notes there were potential serious consequences here. The laser could have hurt the teen's eyes and public sex can qualify as sexual harrassment if seen by someone who has some issues with it.

However, the identity of the sex pigs remains a mystery. They're in the the wind. Hopefully they won't return to terrorize Gotham, I mean, Sweden, another day.

What do you think of this story? Any thoughts on why the sex pigs did what they did?

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