Pokemon Go More Than Tops the iTunes App Store Charts, It Sets a New Record

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It looks like one analyst's prediction of Pokemon Go is going to come true. From the looks of it, the game's invasion is going at a very steady and undeterred pace.

Apple has just confirmed with TechCrunch that Niantic Lab's Pokemon Go has not only soared up the charts, it has already broken and set a new record.


The first week that it has become available in select areas, Pokemon Go has already become the most downloaded app in the iTunes App Store compared to any other app in the history of the company.

While Apple did not provide any concrete numbers, this is not such a surprising achievement. In the first place, it hasn't even been released in other areas, with the entire Asia still waiting for a release date.

That's not even counting players who are on Android devices. The fact if you're still not convinced, maybe the flurry of clones and similar apps may make you feel just how big the Pokemon Go phenomenon really is right now.

Currently, the flurry of activity for Pokemon Go can be seen in the SDCC 2016, where the game is being showcased. For now, it's the biggest Pokemon game craze to hit, as fans wait for the other main title coming out this year, Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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