Pokemon GO Livestreamer Mugged While on Twitch

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The Pokemon GO crimes just keep on coming. Pokemon GO livestreamer Rickey Yaneza was apparently assaulted and mugged while he streamed his game of Pokemon GO in Central Park, Kotaku reports. The attack was seen live on his Twitch channel (which is suspended right now).

43-year-old Yaneza was heading to catch a Snorlax at Grand Army Plaza at 12:30 A.M. this morning. He stopped to catch a Seaking on the way and that's when he was thrown to the ground by an unidentified person. The apparent mugger punched Yaneza and took his three phones before running off.

According to Yaneza, he visited both the police and hospital afterward. "My jaw is a mess," he stated. Describing the attack, Yaneza says, "He literally just sucker punched me. My right jaw is swollen. He clotheslined me with his fist. I hit the ground. I have a bump on my head and a scratch on my elbow." The police confirmed Yaneza's visit.


The mugger wore some sort of headgear, either a mounted camera or headlight. Yaneza suspects he wore it to blend in with other Pokemon GO livestreamers and players. "He was probably stalking the area knowing people were there playing Pokémon.""

To "add insult to literal injury" as Yaneza puts it, his Twitch account was suspended in the aftermath. The suspension was apparently the result of "Non-Gaming Content being posted". If this refers to the mugging-related content, it's very unfair for Yaneza to be punished for something he couldn't help.

The video of the mugging has gone viral on Reddit. Yaneza wants to license it for publication. "I might as well get something out of this," he says.

It's sad playing Pokemon GO can be so dangerous. What do you think of the incident?

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