05 Jul 2017 11:53 AM +00:00 UTC

Pokemon Go in Trouble for Refund Policy

Niantic Labs may be enjoying a new boost in popularity for Pokemon Go with the introduction of Raids and new Gym battle mechanics, but things aren't all sunshine and good times, at least not in the area of its policies.

It appears that the Korean Consumer Agency has called out the developer and the app for its unfair policy and terms when it comes to refunds. According to the Korea Times, the KCA found it unfair that players cannot refund unused items purchased in game, which is unlike other games in Korea.

"This is a very unfavorable refund condition compared to those of most online games in Korea, which allow refunds with about a 10 percent deduction from the leftover virtual cash. It needs to be reformed."

And with the very relevant issue of blocks and stopping of service in Pokemon Go, the KCA also noted that it was unfair for players who cannot apply for a refund in case of service stoppage.

As if the note for the developer's apparent negligence, the KCA has also brought up the possibility of discussing with its U.S. counterpart for potential ways to deal with this issue.

There will always be risks when it comes to games, and mobile titles are no exception. With the growing popularity of Pokemon Go, I wonder if this particular issue will bear fruit, especially if it catches on beyond Korea's territory.

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