Pokemon Go Gym Changes, Raids, & Motivations May Get You Playing Again

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Gyms have been a source of frustration for some and opportunity for others in Pokemon Go. Not only does it depend on how strong your roster has become, and just how many members of your Team are in your area.

Niantic Labs has finally announced a new big update, and it's targeting the Gyms. In a new announcement via the official Pokemon Go website, the developer confirmed that the Gym will have a revamped gameplay experience.


The Gym will now have an expanded realm, so that Prestige and training aren't the only things operating there. There will be six permanent slots that can be filled in each Gym, done by controlling the team's ‘mons. For those who have been frustrated facing off against so many Dragonites and Blisseys can now rejoice—each slot should have a unique Pokemon.

Another interesting addition to the Gym feature is the Motivation System. This seems to be a feature to keep overpowered ‘mons from staying too long, but at the same time, keep Trainers engaged with the ‘mons they leave in each Gym. For instance, a Pokemon assigned to a Gym will lose motivation over time, thus having its CP decreased for easier defeat. One way to keep your ‘mon motivated is to feed it Berries. If you don't, your ‘mon will lose motivation completely and return to you after its final defeat.

There will also be Gym Badges earned by interacting with many Gyms. Level up on Badges by engaging and battle so you can earn berries to feed your defending ‘mons. Higher level Gym Badges will also get a chance to have increased rewards and bonus items.

Pokemon Go players can also participate in Raids, which is basically cooperative gameplay. It's the game's version of multiplayer, as you will need to cooperate with fellow Trainers to defeat the Raid Boss. Basically, a Raid Battle will make all ‘mons return to their Trainers, before a large Egg appears in the Gym with a countdown. When it reaches zero, that's when the Raid Boss will appear.

Battling in the Raid Battle will require a Raid Pass, which can be attained per day by visiting the Gym. This will allow you and up to 20 other Trainers to try and defeat the Raid Boss. The battle lasts give minutes and if you are successful, you may get a shot at catching a powerful Pokemon.

So far, the new changes in Pokemon Go are expected sometime in the next few weeks. Niantic Labs has already been disabling Gyms to start the update, and when they're brought up, that signals the update rollout to all gyms. As usual with new features, the developer will start the new feature as beta, but will slowly enable more players into the new battles.

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