Pokemon Go Gets a Halloween Revenue Surge

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It appears Pokemon Go's Halloween event has done its job and given the app a big surge in revenue, Forbes reports. The event offered an influx of ghost Pokemon, an increased chance of catching other Pokemon who fit the Halloween theme and candy multipliers. There was also some spooky Halloween art on the loading screen.

Apparently, this event led to 133% increase in revenue for the app. This caused the app to jump from its 10th place spot on app revenue rankings all the way back to number one again. This contradicts those who were claiming the Pokemon Go fad is over.

The earnings speak for themselves: the game earned $23.3 million from October 25 to October 29 during the event. That's more than double the $10 million it earned between October 18 and October 22. With those results, we can definitely expect to see more in-game events in the future.

I think themed game events are fun, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I imagine we'll be having a very Pokemon holiday season this year. Deck the halls with Pokeballs!

For those who participated, what did you think of the event? Did you enjoy it? Do you want more like it?

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