Pokemon Go Gamers Are Finding Moltres Pretty Easy To Beat In Raids

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Moltres might be one of the newest additions to Pokemon Go's Legendary Pokemon roster, but it looks like the fiery avian Generation I Legendary isn't as hard to beat at all.

According to a report by Comicbook, Pokemon Go gamers who hurried to check out the Legendary Raids after the release of Moltres discovered that Moltres was an easier catch compared to Articuno. While Articuno usually needed teams of six to beat the Legendary, Moltres only needed a team of four players for clearing, with some saying that Moltres with Heat Wave for its charge move requiring only three strong players to beat it.

Of course, it's not that surprising that experienced Pokemon Go gamers can actually knock down Moltres with smaller teams – not only are there more strong counters to the Fire-Type Legendary Pokemon, strong Pokemon like Golem and Rhydon are pretty resistant to Fire-Type moves.


With strong defense, gamers can let Golen absorb quite a number of Heat Wave charge moves while at the same time attacking with a powerful Stone Edge counter. Of course, gamers shouldn't be too careless. Players should remember to take note of their teammate's Pokemon before going on a Moltres Raid – a Blissey could lead the team to fail.

Pokemon Go has Moltres in its Legendary Raids till August 7.

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