Pokemon Go Eevee Tactic Confirmed, More Easter Eggs and Legendaries Coming

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Pokemon Go fans in Japan are just taking the game for a spin. However, Niantic Labs has let out a few confirmations about several fan theories and expected updates for the game.

At the SDCC 2016, the developer confirmed one long-standing fan theory about how to evolve the Eevee in Pokemon Go. Eeveelution has become a thing, and the conspiracy was that, to evolve the Eevee to your desired evolution, all you have to do is give it the right nickname.

The theory was that fans will have to follow the Eevee brothers' way of naming their own Eevee. The Eevee brothers Rainer, Pyro, and Sparky each owned a Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon respectively. By nicknaming your Eevee with any of the Eevee brother names, you'll get their respective Eeveelution.


Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke confirmed this cheat in the game, and commended that it was a neat trick for those who can remember the classic episode, as per Gamerant.

"Yeah, so, anybody got any Eevees out there? So yes, if you name your Eevee properly, you can control how it's gonna evolve."

Sure, the big fan theory thread over at Reddit has already had several confirmations of this, though the glitch remains for succeeding Eevee evolutions. But more than this known Easter Egg, Hanke also teased that there will be more that's yet to be discovered.

I guess that's one way to keep fans busy while the rollout for Pokemon Go continues. That's because older players will have to wait for the worldwide release to finish before they can get hold of any Legendary Pokemon from the game.

The developer also confirmed that there won't be any events linked to Legendary Pokemon yet. Not until all the countries slated for the game's release has received it, Comicbook.com reported.

There are no hints yet as to how these events will play out, but here's hoping to a faster launch and more stable servers by the end of the month.

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