Pokemon Go Dataminers Discover Shiny Legendary Pokemon And Mythic Pokemon

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After months of subtle teasing, Niantic has finally issued a trailer announcing the arrival of Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Go and it looks like the videogame developer's adding in another treat to its highly anticipated update.

While the Pokemon Go gaming community is busy celebrating the arrival of Legendary Pokemon and Legendary Raids, PVP Live reports that dataminers have discovered that Niantic has also been preparing shiny versions of Legendary birds Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.


Assets and game icons for these Pokemon have been discovered in Pokemon Go's Android version 0.69.9 and while the Legendary Pokemon roster is missing a couple of Pokemon from the second generation like Ho-Oh and Mewtwo (the two both appear in the recently released Legendary Raid trailer), the dataminers have discovered incoming Pokemon.

According to the site while Mythical Pokemon like Celebi and Mew don't have any graphical assets in the Pokemon Go game files, the apps data strings for the Legnedaries include the word "Mythic," implying that these Pokemon will arrive at a later date. That's not all. Legendary Beasts Raikou, Suicune and Entei also have descriptions in the Pokemon GO game files despite not having any icons or visual assets.

This is exciting news for gamers. While many have already expected more Legendary Pokemon to come, shiny variants found in the datamine are quite a surprise. Adding in Shiny Legendary Pokemon will give gamers another reason to keep at Legendary Raids, giving incentive to hardcore collectors.

Pokemon GO's first Legendary Raid is set to take place in Chicago's Grant Park at 6:00 PM CDt on July 22 and the first Legendary Pokemon is set to appear after players complete the Pokemon Go Fest's global challenges on the same date.

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