Pokemon Go Chicago Fest First Details Suggest Ultimate Hunt

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Niantic Labs' outdoor AR game is steadily picking up steam following a lack of rolled out engaging features. Now that Pokemon Go has changed up the Gym battle mechanics in a very noticeable and aggressive manner, fans who have given up on playing the game are now back for more.

To commemorate the changes brought to the game, Niantic Labs has announced live events happening in specific areas. The first live event is scheduled on July 22 at Grant Park. Dubbed the Pokemon Go Fest, this will gather fans who want to experience a new way to enjoy Pokemon Go with fellow fans.

Chicago Tribune was able to get a list of potential happenings that will take place at the Chicago Park event. These are not yet confirmed by Niantic Labs, but the info below are supposedly taken from the permit application made to the Chicago Park District.

Among the highlights include:

Around 15,000 to 20,000 attendees expected to gather at the event.
Teams Instinct, Mystique, and Valor will have 60-inch TV monitors in their team gyms, housed in a lounge where they can play against others.
There will be an ultimate gym, which will be showcased at the Petrillo Music Shell.
Jackson Drive may be the food court for the event, as it is situated along Butler Field and North Rose Garden, with closures happening in Columbus and Lake Shore drives.
Wi-fi will be all over the park, so you can keep catching.
Inflatables have been requested for photo-op, though that doesn't confirm a gigantic Pikachu floating.
There are no requests for rides or other attractions, so it's probably purely going to be a day of catching ‘mons and mingling with fellow Pokemon Go players.
Drinks won't be sold at the event, despite the outsiders' move to receive permission to sell alcohol.

If this Pokemon Go event is a success, I'm sure this would be a great idea to pursue. Pokemon Go has always been a game that requires you to be outside and walk—and now that social features have been heightened with multiplayer experiences and Raids, it might be the jolt that Pokemon Go needs to get back to player's top apps.

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