Pokemon Channel Releases a Cute Mimikyu Video and Song

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As the release date for Pokemon Sun and Moon draws closer, the promotion efforts for the game are ramping up. Now the official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel has released a video focusing on the game's new Ghost Pokemon, Mimikyu. You can see the video below:


The video offers new gameplay footage, along with a cute rap from Mimikyu's point of view. A translation is not given in the video itself, but fans have taken it upon themselves to offer their own translations of the song. It mainly focuses on Mimikyu's desire to make friends. You can hear the Pokemon's cry in the video too, which appears to be an imitation of Pikachu's.

The song also touches on things that were previously revealed about Mimikyu, such as it's desire to imitate Pikachu to get people to like it and the fact that if you try to take off its costume, you'll be cursed. Mimikyu also promises "I'll protect you with my big claws. I'll help you with my thunderbolt." 

This is not the first official song focusing on a Pokemon released by the channel. Previously, a video was released focusing on Magikarp. A Slowpokevideo has also been released. 

Pokemon: Sun and Moon will be released on November 18. 

I think the video's pretty cute. What do you think? Do you like Mimikyu's song?

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